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Butterfly Effect Project Mural Raises $10,000 for Nonprofits

October 3, 2019

The Butterfly Effect — a mural project and nonprofit fundraiser — raised $10,200 in donations for 111 nonprofits. 

The project was a result of a partnership between Vice Mayor Elizabeth Bennett-Parker, artist Tasha Wahl, ACT for Alexandria, Asana Partners and Bloomers.

More than 400 people participated in the campaign by taking a photo in front of the butterfly wings mural near the intersection of King and North Patrick streets. They could choose a nonprofit organization from a list of 250 to receive a $20 donation. Participants were also encouraged to post their photo on social media with the hashtag #butterflyeffect for a chance to win additional funds for their favorite group.

Two nonprofits were honored with $1,200 in donations and prizes as a result of the generosity of the community. The Alexandria Police Foundation received the social media prize. received the most posts on social media. The Animal Welfare League of Alexandria received the most photo submissions.

“I’m thankful to Tasha Wahl for her vision in starting this global project and for choosing Alexandria; to Asana Partners and Bloomers for providing the space for the mural; and to the members of the community who brought it to life,” Vice Mayor Elizabeth Bennett-Parker said.

The awards were funded by Wahl and an anonymous donor through ACT for Alexandria, the community foundation. Working with Vice Mayor Bennett-Parker, Wahl customized the mural for our community to include the phrase, “Be the Change You Want to See in the World” in English, Spanish and Arabic.

“ACT for Alexandria believes the diversity of our community is one of Alexandria's greatest assets; the vision of a vibrant community is core to our work. We are grateful to Elizabeth and Tasha for bringing the Butterfly Effect mural to Alexandria and honored to facilitate one of our donor's philanthropic commitments to supporting the local nonprofit community,” said Brandi Yee, ACT for Alexandria’s Chief Program Officer.

ACT for Alexandria is Alexandria’s home for philanthropy and for people who want to make a difference. As a community foundation, ACT is dedicated to improving the lives of people and nurturing Alexandria’s vibrant community by supporting the growth and sustainability of nonprofits, engaging the community on key issues and partnering with donors to amplify the impact of their giving. For more information on ACT for Alexandria, visit

Source: Alexandria Living