Asana Partners

Investment Approach

Our investment and operational approach is built on a foundation of transparency, integrity, and accountability.

Experience has taught us that neighborhood mixed-use and retail assets benefit from a forward-thinking strategy grounded in vision, industry knowledge, and financial expertise. Demographic trends and the associated preferences of consumers, office workers, and residents are evolving. Consumers are drawn to exceptional and convenient experiences. Retailers and service providers pursue locations that enhance their brand while driving both experiential-commerce and electronic-commerce. Office workers and residents want to be in interesting spaces surrounded by compelling retail and experiential amenities.

We seek to generate strong results by balancing our vision with the financial and analytical rigor necessary to create value for our investors.

women walking on sidewalk near retail stores

How do we do this?

  • We believe people are drawn to walkable places with convenient access to retail and experiential amenities 
  • We celebrate diverse communities and neighborhoods with rich history 
  • We pursue dynamic population centers benefitting from stability and growth 
  • We recognize the deep synergies between retail, service, creative office, and residential users of physical space 
  • We respect the cyclical nature of real estate and financial markets by remaining focused on asset-level fundamentals 
  • We leverage our vertically integrated platform - executing with vision, accountability, and precision


Our Markets: